Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Opposite of Friday?

The first thing that I would like to share with you is some thoughts and research which I have been thinking upon for some time.

Friday is perhaps our most enjoyed day of the week – perhaps this is open to further debate in a later blog however – this has led me to ask the question ‘What is the opposite of Friday?’

Despite comments such as ‘Friday is chronologically irrelevant’ (Potts, J, 2009) I have endeavored to answer the question.
After much deliberation, thought and consultation with others concern with the question ‘What is the opposite of Friday?’ it has become apparent that there are a few different theories as to the true answer to this much contested question.

Firstly, there are those who hold strongly to the belief that Friday is mostly spoken of in reference to Thursday.
One example may include - ‘I can’t do Thursday, but I can do Friday’ – although this example implies that Friday is somehow opposite to Friday I think that it would be quite reasonable to assume that any day could be used rather than Thursday.
For example – ‘I can’t do Wednesday, but I can do Friday’ – by no means would any one suggest that Wednesday is the opposite to Friday – therefore I think that Thursday is not the opposite to Friday.

Secondly, and more convincingly there are others who are very aware of the history of our 7-day week.
They argue that Sunday is the beginning of the week deeming Saturday the opposite of it as it marks the end. This would leave Monday and Friday as opposites within the week, alongside Thursday and Tuesday.

Monday would also appear the opposite to Friday if we think about more contemporary ideas about how our 7-day week is structured.
Monday is generally assumed to be the beginning of the working week with Friday as the end. We may therefore conclude that Monday is in fact the most widely held day in answer to the question ‘What is the Opposite of Friday?’

The statistics speak for themselves as 79 per cent of the 42 people I have spoken to today held to the arguments which led to Monday being the opposite to Friday.
14 per cent did however hold to Thursday being the opposite to Friday.

The question though now appears to be if Monday is the opposite of Friday, Tuesday the clear opposite of Thursday, leaving Saturday and Sunday the most probable opposite days of each other who will partner Wednesday?

It is the solitary day of Wednesday that is left with no counter part opposite day to both compete with and enjoy company with.

I would like to quote my sister at this point.

‘It is clear that Wednesday is a prime day.’ (Eley, S, 2009)

Quite simply it would appear that Wednesday, the cornerstone of our 7 – day week is a prime day. It can only be divided by one and itself. It essentially has no opposite unlike other days but is still an intrinsically important part of our week.

I hope this somehow may have lightened up your day!

It has certainly highlighted my need to stop worrying so much about such questions but rather concentrate on a Sustainable Development Essay due in on - yes you've guessed it - Friday!

Perhaps concentrating on that essay may well be more Sustainable for my future than spending so much time thinking about the question 'What is the Opposite of Friday?'


  1. Interesting thoughts :P

    In Catalunya (Spain), we say "estàs en mig com el dimecres".. "you're in the middle like the wednesday"

  2. I'm afraid I doubt your premise. What's so great about Friday anyway? I hate Fridays. Saturday - now there's a day.

  3. Also, why is Bish on your blog list and not me?!