Friday, 11 September 2009

September Update

So once again I find myself below Watford Gap: A place known to many as 'The South'.

That's right I have moved away from my home land in the Midlands, somewhere that is known more as a fence between the North and the South rather than a whole region in its own right...anyway!

I'm now located in Basingstoke (Roundabout Town) working for a church called St. Mary's in the centre of the town. I'm living with two other guys, one whom I work with and another who is a teacher at a local school. Our house is 10 minutes away from work and within 15 minutes of the main centre. It's a nice little estate close to a park, cycle track and a number of pubs - nice!

I started work a week last Tuesday and have been getting stuck into work here. My job title is a Ministry Trainee. I'll be down in Basingstoke for at least two years being trained in teaching and preaching the bible both at St. Mary's and through taking the Cornhill Training Course in London (2-days a week).
The main areas of my job are to help with lead the youth groups at the Church but opportunities to do other things such as college CU's are certainly on the cards.

The term really kicks of this evening with the youth groups starting back up after the holidays...something I'm pretty excited about. Am also looking forward to continuing studying Romans throughout the year with a group of the older lads.

It's a great privilege and joy to be able to serve God in this way but also a great responsibility to preach and live the gospel out faithfully and distinctively. Thank God for the power of his Word and Spirit to enable me to do that.

That's me at the moment anyway (in brief at least).

I'll try to update the blog slightly more regularly as I settle down into 'The Stoke!'


  1. Will you be producing prayer letters? If you do, please send them to me. My email address is on facebook if you don't already have it.